About Party Hard Drivers

Party Hard Drivers is a partnership company started in 2007 by Ankur Vaid, Saurabh Shah and Mishal Raheja.

With the number of accidents caused by drunk drivers rising, and the consequent jail terms for people caught after having even 1 drink, there was a need for a safe alternative for people to continue their partying. Thus PHD was born - with the idea to provide safe and reliable drivers to partygoers. With increase in demand, PHD now provides drivers during the day as well.

Set up with about 40 drivers, PHD now has nearly 200 drivers in its roster and plans to add another 100 by the yearend. A registered organisation, each of its uniformed chauffeur is trained to deal professionally with drunken behaviour.

PHD continues to grow beyond driver services and extend into other professional service verticals.